Ice-breaker activities kit


  • Guide containing 3 energising ice-breaker activities
  • Egg timer to time-box ice-breaker activities
  • 10 onits, mix of 3 colours, wipeable and reusable
  • Sticky and smart, fun and energetic
  • Ideal for workshop facilitation & team building
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Fed up of those awkward work meetings?

Here at Organisational Elephant, we understand that breaking the ice can be tricky. So we decided to create our own onits Ice-breaker kit that makes breaking the ice engaging and fun!

Energise your team meetings!


Product Description

  • Kit containing, above all, 3 energising ice-breaker activities
  • 3 minute egg timer so that you can time-box ice-breaker activities
  • 10 onits (mix of 3 colours), 1 magnetic dry wipe pen with eraser, storage pouch
  • Reusable dry wipe surface on the front for writing, doodling, drawing
  • Magnetic layer on the back to stick to most metal surfaces from whiteboard to fridge
  • Rectangle with stylish corners • 100mm x 70mm x 0.85mm

Features the onits brand in the corner; therefore reassuring you of the quality of the product

Bring life to your ideas with onits – dry-wipe, magnetic notes that are perfect for ice-breaker activities, brainstorms, workshops, content or personal planning, idea generation, strategy building, reminders, shopping lists, or even leaving notes on your fridge.



Expertly made in the UK, onits stick to any metal surface – for months if you need them to. Just throw, and they’re up. They won’t fall off, get lost, or end up crumpled in a bin. But like magic, they’re also really easy to move around.


That’s right – we said ‘throw’. Flip these colourful, magnetic notes onto your whiteboard (or any metal surface) to plan, create, generate, share, and motivate.


They’re smart, wipeable, and reusable. When you buy onits – instead of single-use alternatives – you’re saving thousands of those paper alternatives being thrown away. Because onits are more than reusable: they last for years.

Pouch contains 10 onits reusable magnetic notes, 1 magnetic dry wipe pen with eraser, 1 Ice-breaker guide, 1 egg timer

Dare to try something different. Dare to onits.

Additional information

Weight1.00 kg
Dimensions200 × 145 × 75 cm


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